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Raw Almonds Can Lower Cholesterol



Did you know that eating a small handful of almonds a day may actually decrease your total cholesterol levels and increase the good cholesterol?

Now I'm not talking of eating a handful of roasted in oil or salted almonds. I'm talking about eating raw, natural almonds. Almonds are high in monosaturated fat which is a "good fat" for the body.

Some people find it difficult to digest nuts, soaking the almonds in a cup of water overnight and then draining off the water in the morning and eating them after soaking, makes them much easier to digest.

 Dr. David Jenkins, Director of Clinical Nutrition at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Ontario is a researcher who has studied the benefits of almonds and found that almonds lower total cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol.

If you want to read a few good studies on almonds and cholesterol you can check out the links below.

Almonds Fight Cholesterol | David Jenkins, Cyril Kendall Study | University of Toronto Magazine (utoronto.ca)

Almonds Reduce Total Cholesterol | W. Gifford Jones, MD (docgiff.com)

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