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Are you stuck trying to figure out how to do an elimination diet?

Have you ever been told that you need to avoid or eliminate certain foods from your diet in order to regain your health? It happens more frequently then you know. You are not alone.

I myself had to do an elimination diet when I was tested for food sensitivities several years ago. I wish I had support when I needed it, but I tried to do it on my own. I remember having 19 different foods that I reacted to and my naturpath was surprised to see so many. Normally people have a lot less. At the time I was having mal-absorption issues and was low on iron all the time. I had inflammation in my body that was causing back pain too. I was extremely irritable, stressed, not sleeping worth a darn and I had bowel issues as well. I would break out with eczema whenever I had dairy products and my scalp would totally itch like crazy. I finally made the connection to dairy after a while.

I wasn’t aware of how strong a connection between the food we eat and how it affects our bodies really is until I experienced it personally. I studied it and read several books related to food allergies and sensitivities, but until a person experiences it for themselves, I think they truly don’t “get it”.

I decided to try the elimination diet myself and eliminate all 19 foods immediately. The problem was, all the foods that I needed to eliminate were foods that I consumed regularly and loved. How on earth was I ever going to give up my cheese or my hot salsa (chili peppers were a biggy)? I remember feeling that “I can’t eat anything anymore”. I became frustrated, miserable, irritable and hard to live with. I also made my food elimination diet a big deal. It was all about “me”.

In hindsight, I should have embraced the challenge. I fought the changes every day. I didn’t accept or realize that things were going to get better. I just felt cheated out of all my favorite foods. I felt that I was being punished for something I had no control over. But I did have control over it, I just didn’t realize it. Sounds crazy but for me, that’s how it was. I find other people have experienced the same feelings and ended up giving up. Well, I’m so glad I didnt’ give up.

I became a fanatic about reading every label on everything I put in, on, or near my body, including supplements that I was taking. I remember trying to eat in a restaurant and picking carrots and peas out of my soup as they were on my list. I was scared to eat in restaurants and pretty much would only eat foods I prepared myself at home. I always tell others to “Know Where Your Food Comes From” and I like to know exactly where mine comes from. Going out for lunch or dinner wasn’t much fun anymore. I found “foods” that I couldn’t have were listed in the ingredients of my shampoo or body wash products and so I had to eliminate them too.

I remember being quite surprised to find “orange” or “pear” in foods you would least suspect. Milk was another big one for me. I didn’t even drink milk, but I did use it in sauces and it is in so many foods but of course it isn’t called “milk”. There are several other names for it.

I did my elimination diet for one full year. I lost 30 pounds that year and I felt great. physically and mentally, and all I did was change my diet.

A year later, I went back to get retested and was told that I could begin reintroducing the foods I eliminated back into my diet. So I did, one at a time. I gained 40 pounds back that year. Wow! I was not a happy camper at all. The pounds just kinda crept up on me and I didn’t really notice until it was like Whoa! It was quite disheartening. My symptoms came back and I wasn’t in the best of health again.

I tried eliminating foods again and I just gave up. My willpower was gone. I felt like a complete failure. Especially as I was studying to become a Nutrition Consultant at the time so that I could help others.

It wasn’t until I started listening to my own body and realizing how I felt after eating specific foods that I realized how they affect it. It was a learning curve and shift of attitude to a positive outlook that made the biggest difference. I needed to help myself before I could help others.

I watch for “signs” when things aren’t right. For me some of my symptoms included: itchy skin, excema outbreaks, poor digestion, extreme cravings, (many people experience cravings for foods they are actually “sensitive” to), constipation, heart palpitations (food sensitivities or food allergies can actually cause heart palpitations), pain in my joints, and irritibility.

I’ve learned how to repair my gut and to be very mindful of what goes into my body. I’m back in control of my own health and I feel great knowing that I am doing the best that I can for myself! I choose to eat organic or non-gmo whole foods in their natural form whenever I can. Sometimes I have junk food like everyone else but I am very aware when I do. I am only human and like to have a bowl of icecream or a chocolate or two or a glass of wine and I don’t beat myself up for it like I used to. Keeping everything in moderation and being true to myself keeps me on tract in my life’s journey to stay healthy.

I use very clean skin care products on myself, as well as laundry detergents and most cleaning products. I still have “bad-stuff” in my home and have received “gifts” that are not “clean” and I haven’t gotton rid of them and you may find them in my home. I am not completely “free-of” all the things I want to be “free-of” but my shopping experiences are alot different then they were several years ago and I choose carefully what I put in my body now.

We all only have one body to live in and it’s up to each of us to take care of ourselves. There is no magic pill or new procedure that is going to save you from illness down the road. A person’s diet and lifestyle has been proven over and over again to be directly related to their health issues. In many cases, many health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, some Heart Diseases such as Atherosclerosis, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Imbalances, even certain types of cancer, have been reversed with diet and lifestyle changes. You are not your disease!

We each need to take responsibility for our own health. The food we put into our body is our own choice. Choose wisely!

If you are struggling with any health issues or if any of this resonates with you and you would like to book an appointment with me, please contact me through the contact link on this site. You can also email me any comments you may have as well. Your feedback means a lot to me. I read every email and would love to support you on your journey to better health.

Remind yourself that at the end of the day that you did the best you could today and that is good enough!

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