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Want to start living a healthier life? Changing up one product at a time has never been easier!


Nature Clean Dishwasher pods


Switching to healthier cleaning products has never been easier thanks to a variety of safe alternative products on the market now. One of the very first products I switched to in my own home was my dishwasher detergent pacs and dishsoap.

Why? Because typically the cleaning products that you find on the store shelves are full of nasty chemicals that are toxic, leading to hormonal imbalances in many people, plus many are carcinogenic. (A carcinogen is an agent with the capacity to cause cancer in humans.)

Since we eat off of our dishes everyday, I like to ensure my family and friends are eating off truly clean dishes.

|Nature Clean" & "Attitude" are a couple of my favorite companies that offer many healthy cleaning alternatives. "Attitude" also offers many bath and body products such as body wash, hand soaps, foaming hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and more that I have come to love and use daily. They have become a favorite brand in my home at very reasonable prices.

Small changes have big rewards for your health in the end! Take care of you! You are worth it!

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