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Italian Salad Dressing

While trying out LIVA Date Sugar, I decided to try making an Italian Salad Dressing and it turned out so good, I have to share it with you all here.

Italian Salad Dressing

 1 c sunflower/avacado/coconut oil

1/2 c Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

 2 1/2 Tblsp LIVA Date Sugar

1 Tblsp organic oregano 

2 Tsp Organic Black Pepper

 1 1/2 Tblsp Organic Basil

1 Tblsp Pink Himalayan Salt

2 fresh Organic Garlic Cloves Granules

Place all ingredients in a mason jar and shake it up or place all ingredients into a medium sized bowl and whisk it up.

To infuse the flavors you an let it sit in the fridge overnight and shake before using. 

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