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Pistachio Chocolate Delights

I love pistachios so when Ecoideas came out with a Pistachio Nut butter, I was excited to try it. They use a cold stone ground method using granite to bring out the rich flavor of the pistachios. 

When you open the glass jar, the first thing you notice is the fresh aroma of the pistachios.  Then you may notice the natural pistachio oil has risen to the top of the jar so you do need to stir it. It's very thick and it takes a couple of minutes to mix that oil back in.

You end up with a thick but soft texture that's perfect for spreading on fresh slices of apple. It's so good this way and great for balancing your blood sugar too.

It's rich in protein, essential fatty acids and Vitamin B6 and magnesium making it great for sleep too. 

Plus it's an unsaturated fat (say yes to good fats) and rich in fiber. It's also rich in calories (2 tablespoons is 180 calories) so you want to be health conscious of that when you are using it.

Pistachios are great for heart health as they have health benefits for blood pressure and cholesterol issues. 

I love that this nut butter is raw and unpasteurized keeping all the natural enzymes intact so we can digest it and absorb all the healthy nutrients it contains. There is no salt or sugar added so you can use it so many dishes.

You might want to try these delicious Pistachio Butter Chocolates yourself. 


Pistachio Chocolate Delights

Makes:  15 small chocolates

1 tsp Ecoideas organic odorless coconut oil 2 tblsp organic icing sugar2 tblsp Ecoideas Pistachio Nut Butter1/2 dark chocolate bar (your choice)1 tsp Ecoideas organic odorless coconut oil1 - chocolate silicone mould (makes 15 small chocolates) (available at Michaels or sometimes HomeSense or Winners) 2 plastic baggies

1.  Melt chocolate with 1 tsp coconut oil. Then let it cool. Use a spatula to scrape it into a baggie. Cut hole in tip of baggie. Then pipe the chocolate into the mould.2.  Mix Ecoideas Pistachio Nut Butter with icing sugar and 1 tsp aroma free melted coconut oil. Place in baggie. Cut tip of baggie off and pipe over chocolate in molds.3.  Cover with additional chocolate and put in freezer for an hour. Pop out of moulds.

Recipe created by Emily Price, C.H.N.C.

Pistachio butter being filled into silicone molds for Pistachio Chocolate Delights

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