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First Phone Consultation  – Free (15 minutes)
Are you unsure what you want? What you need? or if my services are a good fit for you?  Try a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if I can meet your needs.

*Initial Consultation – $85.00 (1 hour – 1 .5 hours)
includes going over your current diet and lifestyle choices and addressing your main health concerns.  I provide you with a meal plan which may include recipes and I include lifestyle recommendations and supplement recommendations specific to you.  (I provide you with a detailed report of my recommendations, meal plan and some recipes usually within 1 week and this is included in the initial consultation fee.) **If you wish, everything can be done via phone or email.

*Follow-up Consultation – $65.00 (1 hour)
includes a review of your initial consultation and is a follow up to see what changes you have implemented based on the previous recommendations and how it is working for you and we can discuss whether you would like further guidance on your journey towards achieving optimal health. Half hour follow-up is also available for $32.50. These can be done by phone as well.

Payment:  I accept email transfer, cash, visa or mastercard. Payment is due at the time of the appointment.

Please Contact Me to schedule an appointment