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Chlorophyll Conc.15X Unflavored

Chlorophyll Conc.15X Unflavored

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  • Land Art's chloro is dosed 150 mg per 2,5 ml, and it is the most concentrated chlorophyll on the market
  • Superior concentration pure chlorophyll, dropper included

Chlorophyll Concentrate 15X Unflavored

  • Contributes to the purification of the blood by oxygenating red blood cells and helping the system to release toxins. This product also helps to alkalinize and deodorize the body.
  • Canadian
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS : Per 2,5 ml Chlorophyll, (copper chlorophyllin), 150 mg NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS : Purified water, sodium chloride.*No added sugar, aroma or coloring agents. No preservatives. No allergenics (gluten, wheat, dairy products, yeast, corn).

Recommended Use

Dilute in a glass of water. Do not heat. Add Chlorophyll to a water bottle that you will carry around for the day. Or even: change your afternoon coffee habit for chlorophyll!