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Himalayan Kala Namak (Black) Course

Himalayan Kala Namak (Black) Course

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  • aids in digestion, alkaline properties, high mineral content

Himalayan Salt Black

  •  SEASON WITH CARE: Unrefined Himalayan black salt, or Kala Namak, is a volcanic rock salt from the regions surrounding the Himalayas. Sundhed’s Himalayan gourmet black salt is all-natural, organic, vegan-friendly and Kosher certified to give you a seasoning salt of the highest quality.  
  • WHAT OUR BODY NEEDS: Our bodies can’t produce salt, yet it’s an essential nutrient for survival and human physiological function, which we must obtain through our diet. Unprocessed Himalayan black salt has less sodium than table salt (good for lowering blood pressure) and helps to improve digestion.  
  • NUTRIENT RICH: Black Himalayan salt may contain up to 84 additional minerals and trace elements, including iron and many others to help regulate hydration, balance PH levels and improve metabolism. We ensure that our salt is minimally refined (unlike table salt) to ensure that these extra nutrients remain and are passed on to you.  
  • FOOD TO REMEMBER: Himalayan pink salt is great for food lovers and a wonderful gift for people who like to cook. Our salt is excellent for curing, finishing, seasoning, pickling, and grilling meats, fish and vegetables.  
  • MEMORABLE MEALS: Himalayan black salt is great for food lovers and a wonderful gift for people who like to cook. Our salt is used in many vegan, Indian and Asian dishes as a substitute and flavor enhancer for pickles, salads, chutneys, raitas, fruit salads - and many more. 


  • Himalyan salt Kala Namak