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Sproos Ghee MCT Creamer

Sproos Ghee MCT Creamer

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  • Sproos Ghee MCT Creamer
  • Sproos® MCT Ghee Creamer adds a delicious creaminess to your favourite hot or cold beverages while also providing  healthy fats from MCT and grass-fed ghee. Our versatile powder enables you to enjoy the benefits of ghee and MCT, without the messy oils.
  • Ghee is a delicious, clarified butter that is a rich source of healthy fat. We source our ghee from grass-fed North American cattle. Our MCT powder is made from the coconut oil of young coconuts and is a source of healthy, digestible fats. Our premium MCT powder typically contains 70% MCTs, of which over 92% is combined Caprylic and Capric Acid (C8 and C10). MCT oil is supportive of both metabolic and cognitive functioning, helping you to think more clearly and support a healthy weight, so is an excellent addition to a healthy diet.


  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) powder, Grass-fed ghee powder, Modified tapioca starch, Gum Arabic. Contains: Milk.

Recommended Purpose:

  • A source of healthy, digestible fats optimal for brain health and metabolic functioning.


  • Add one scoop to your coffee, tea or smoothie and stir or blend until fully mixed. We recommend adding the powder before the liquid.